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  • “COVID-19” Health Screening Kiosk: In the contactless era of social distancing caused by COVID-19, the TrumpetBox Aura OS’s Health Screening Kiosk Interface replaces communal kiosk giving organizations and institutions the ability to allow clients to perform self-check-in and out screenings from their own devices from distances of 30 plus feet away in observance of safe social distancing practices thereby minimizing the transfer of germs. TrumpetBox is a safety technology that proactively helps to protect people. This form works with our TrumpetBox SMS platform.

    All you will need to do is plug the MicroSD card into your Raspberry Pi, connect the ethernet to your router, connect power, and boot. Once the Raspberry Pi boots, connect WiFi SSID “InAndOut” and your contactless kiosk interface will automatically open. All of the pre-configuration will be done for you.¬†You will need to enter your TrumpetSMS API Key and all of the pre-configuration will be done for you. Instructions Included.

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